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A new chapter in life: China

A new chapter in life: China

September 7, 2011 No Comments

Most of you already know that I am now in China. For those who wonder what I am doing here and where exactly I am, I’m living in a small town called Changle (population of 600,000 aprox.) in the province of Shandong, north of China and about 700 kilometers (435 miles) southeast from Beijing. I […] Share

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My favorite (and not so favorite) restaurants in Veracruz

From the ordinary to the extraordinary, let me show you something about my latest trip to Veracruz, Mexico in late January...

Tai’erzhuang, the Most Beautiful Water Town in China?

Tai'erzhuang may be really difficult to pronounce, but some say that this is the most beautiful water town in...

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