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A Journey to the Past


It has been there for at leas 1700 years. Today it has been absorbed by Shanghai’s borders. Nevertheless, it still has its picturesque style and remote and ancient villa feeling. It is call Zhujiajiao. Don’t ask me to pronounce it, see my pictures instead. I was there more than a month ago, but by looking at the pictures I took, I felt as traveling through time once more. Zhujiajiao main streets are rivers that can be navigated on small boats, just

Postcard from Shanghai!


China keeps surprising me in many ways. This time I went to Shanghai. There are many things that I would like to share, but in this entry I only post a picture because of time. Please remember, I don’t have Facebook access even if you happen to find this blog post also posted on my Facebook wall (for more information about it read my post about Facebook). If you like this picture click on the Facebook Like button and if you