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Lake Camécuaro: “The Place of Bathing”

Image of Lake Camécuaro in Tangancícuaro, Michoacán, México.

Lake Camécuaro: “The Place of Bathing.” This time I want to show you a beautiful place to take pictures if you like nature with crystal clear water, geese, ducks, and amazing old evergreen trees. Check it out!


My Escape to the Desert

Picture of a Bedouin sitting on Qasr Usaykhim

I was overwhelmed with so much homework. I was in Jordan studying Arabic. But I needed a break. I went to the desert, saw the blessed tree (sahabi tree) and more.


Tai’erzhuang, the Most Beautiful Water Town in China?

Tai'erzhuang at night by Jesús Rosas

Tai’erzhuang may be really difficult to pronounce, but some say that this is the most beautiful water town in China. Tai’erzhuang is one of the best places for two things. Check it out and see what it is.


My Pictures published on Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East book by Donna Lee Bowen

Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East book

Some of my pictures published in Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East book also required in some classes in some universities in the United States. I should mention that not all pictures in the book are mine. But read the story to find out more.


Postcards from Yangshuo


Yangshuo is a small town surrounded by karsts in the southern province of Guangxi, China. In this post I share some night and day pictures I took there, but this is just a brief visual account, there are many more opportunities for photography in the actual town and its countryside.


Shuangta Shan Park Pictures

Shuangta Shan, twin peaks in China

This time I share with you some more pictures of my last trip to a place featuring two peaks with two millennial towers. The best of this trip was being able to enjoy the sunrise light meandering through the hills and give some light to these twin peaks.



Suzhou, water way, river, channel and boat

There is an old Chinese saying that states “Heaven has the Paradise and the Earth has Hangzhou and Suzhou”. Certainly Suzhou is a beautiful city. It was founded in 514 B.C. and it is called the Venice of China. You can take a look the following pictures and guess why. I hope you enjoy.   Click on a picture to see it, once opened use the arrow keys on your keyboard to browse back and forward. If the captions are


Soul and Space

Soul and space

During the autumnal mornings of this year and along a river canal in Suzhou, I found this building with big doors and a small boy sitting there while playing with a small toy. To enlarge the image, click on the picture. [singlepic id=9 w=360 h=480 float=] Share


Fruits in a Busy Night

Jinan. A man selling fruits at night. Black and white photography.

It is common that I see people in China selling fruits and vegetables in hand cars. In one of my trips at night, I walked outside the train station and took a look around and I found this man taking his time in the middle of a nocturnal busy life. If you want to enlarge the image click on it. [singlepic id=1 w=480 h=360 float=] Share


Postcard from Hangzhou

Postcard from Hangzhou.

From a distant land in a moment of light contrasting festivities and celebrations with solicitude and peace, we have the following image. The West Lake in Hangzhou during an autumn night. Enjoy it! If you wish to receive a weekly notification of new entries in this blog, please enter your email in the field next to the title of this post, and if you liked this post, click on “Like”.   Share