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Six Great Things I did in Seoul, South Korea

LDS Seoul Temple in South Korea by Jesús Rosas

If you could have one weekend in a country you have never been, what would you do? Only one weekend. That was my question when I found out that two of my Korean friends invited me to their temple ceremony in Seoul. I was really happy for them and I wanted to be part of it. So I made arrangements to go and planned on do some sightseeing. Obviously I didn’t see the whole country nor the entire city, but here are six great things I did while in Seoul, South Korea.

Merry Christmas

Even though I’m far away in a country that knows little about Christmas, I cannot forget the meaning of these days. This time because of my limited time, I only share a video with a song from Hilary Weeks. Someone put this song with some images from the new videos of the Church about Christmas. The song is titled “Follow That Light.” I couldn’t find they lyrics to put them here. Either way, I wish you all a Merry Christmas.