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Common Days in Images

Starfish in China

To talk about common days in China is to talk about something new and different. Every day you can discover new things. For the Chinese people these things may be ordinary and just part of their daily routines. In this post I share some images I took here in China in 2011. Click on a picture to see it, once opened use the arrow keys on your keyboard to browse back and forward. If the captions are not fully disclosed,

Merry Christmas

Even though I’m far away in a country that knows little about Christmas, I cannot forget the meaning of these days. This time because of my limited time, I only share a video with a song from Hilary Weeks. Someone put this song with some images from the new videos of the Church about Christmas. The song is titled “Follow That Light.” I couldn’t find they lyrics to put them here. Either way, I wish you all a Merry Christmas.