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My Favorite (and Not So Favorite) Restaurants in Veracruz

Veracruz restaurants. Pizza, salmon a la veracruzana, cheese with tamarind

From the ordinary to the extraordinary, let me show you something about my latest trip to Veracruz, Mexico in late January and early February. I’ve been to Veracruz a couple of times, but there was something different in this last trip that I would like to highlight. And it is not the famous San Juan de Ulúa fort, neither the traditional and historic downtown, nor the nice pedestrian area along the beach, nor the rich folkloric dances; no, none of that, but the food!

Six Great Things I did in Seoul, South Korea

LDS Seoul Temple in South Korea by Jesús Rosas

If you could have one weekend in a country you have never been, what would you do? Only one weekend. That was my question when I found out that two of my Korean friends invited me to their temple ceremony in Seoul. I was really happy for them and I wanted to be part of it. So I made arrangements to go and planned on do some sightseeing. Obviously I didn’t see the whole country nor the entire city, but here are six great things I did while in Seoul, South Korea.