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Glass floor over the Atlantic, retractable roof, and the largest minaret in the world, what is it?


Do you know where this place is? Not everyone can get in. There is a laser beam on top of the minaret and a retractable roof that can be opened in 5 minutes. Take a look at these pictures and let me know if it isn’t a fascinating place.


Lake Camécuaro: “The Place of Bathing”

Image of Lake Camécuaro in Tangancícuaro, Michoacán, México.

Lake Camécuaro: “The Place of Bathing.” This time I want to show you a beautiful place to take pictures if you like nature with crystal clear water, geese, ducks, and amazing old evergreen trees. Check it out!


Inviting two girls for a date at the same time by mistake

Inviting two girls on a date at the same time by mistake

Read my story when I invited two girls for a date at the same time by mistake while I was in Utah. Don’t make this mistake.


The Three Kings’ Day Celebration in Cajititlan

The three magi or wise men or also known as the three kings on a Catholic church in Cajititlán, Mexico.

The celebrations of the Three Kings’ Day in Cajititlan are big. There is music, dances, a fair, processions by foot and by boat, and more. Here I’m sharing with you my experience visiting Cajititlan. These pictures can give you and idea to see if you want to take part of the Three Kings’ Day in Cajititlan.


How Was 2015 For You?


How did it go in 2015? Would you be able to summarize your life in 2015? I did mine and this is what I have in text, video, and photos.


Witnessing the arrest of a suspect in L.A.


I witnessed the arrest of a suspect in L.A. right next to my side. Here is the story.


Still Life – Movie Review

STILL LIFE Movie Review Image

Still Life movie review. Loneliness, routine, death, life meaning, hope and family history are subjects you can think of by watching this film. Read why.


My Experience at the Guadalajara YSA Convention 2015 – Special Guest: David Archuleta


I went to a YSA convention with David Archuleta as the special guest. All activities, workshops, dances, color race, speeches and more were unique. And, yes, I know you want to see and know more about David Archuleta 😉 click on the article to see it.


My Escape to the Desert

Picture of a Bedouin sitting on Qasr Usaykhim

I was overwhelmed with so much homework. I was in Jordan studying Arabic. But I needed a break. I went to the desert, saw the blessed tree (sahabi tree) and more.


Chefchaouen: The Blue Pearl

White and blue homes in Chefchaouen, Morocco, Africa.

Chefchaouen’s vivid homes boast a combination of white and blue everywhere in its narrow cobblestone alleys and stairs. See some pictures I took there.

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