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I Wanted to Crawl into a Hole

I wanted to crawl into a hole. Embarrassing stories.

Have you had embarrassing stories that make you want to crawl into a hole? I have, several ones. Here is one of them.


Dessert: Pastel Helado with Peaches and Black Cherries Jesús Rosas’ Style

Pastel helado with peaches and black cherries Jesús Rosas' style.

Dessert: Pastel Helado Jesús Rosas’ Style   Mothers’ Day was just last Sunday. Two of my sisters and I spent some time with our mom to celebrate with her. Among the presents we gave her, I made a dessert that is common in Mexico, but I adapted it to my own style. I made pastel helado (pas-ˈtel  e-ˈla-do), which translates as frozen cake. The basic ingredients are condensed and evaporated milk, limes and Maria cookies/biscuits. It is a pretty common recipe,


The Day I Went Missing

Picture of a former school, now a plant nursery.

I was in Hermosillo, Mexico. I was probably nine years old and in fourth grade. A friend invited me to play video games at his home after school. Do you want to know what happened next?


Want to Take a Look at Pátzcuaro?

Picture of a street with houses on both sides of the street. Houses painted in white and red.

White and red houses of adobe with tile roofs and cobblestone streets, a long history, and local traditions make Pátzcuaro a magic village. Let me walk you around this particular place that amazes thousands of visitors each year. Keep reading!


The Best and Worst Hike of My Life

View of mountains in the desert.

The best and worst hike of my life so far. Can you guess where in the world that was? Continue reading to find out where and why.


My favorite (and not so favorite) restaurants in Veracruz

Veracruz restaurants. Pizza, salmon a la veracruzana, cheese with tamarind

From the ordinary to the extraordinary, let me show you something about my latest trip to Veracruz, Mexico in late January and early February. I’ve been to Veracruz a couple of times, but there was something different in this last trip that I would like to highlight. And it is not the famous San Juan de Ulúa fort, neither the traditional and historic downtown, nor the nice pedestrian area along the beach, nor the rich folkloric dances; no, none of that, but the food!


Tai’erzhuang, the Most Beautiful Water Town in China?

Tai'erzhuang at night by Jesús Rosas

Tai’erzhuang may be really difficult to pronounce, but some say that this is the most beautiful water town in China. Tai’erzhuang is one of the best places for two things. Check it out and see what it is.


How Was 2014?

Mother's Day

How was 2014 for you? There are many ways to do an end-of-the-year review. Think of your social life, relationships, family, finances, school, career, health, spirituality, and others. Do your year review, here is mine if you want to see an example.


My Pictures published on Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East book by Donna Lee Bowen

Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East book

Some of my pictures published in Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East book also required in some classes in some universities in the United States. I should mention that not all pictures in the book are mine. But read the story to find out more.


How to Make Money Online and Work from Home – Introduction

People have been asking me about different ways of earning money online and passive income. I’m now preparing an introduction to making money online and working from home so I can answer that. It is for new people with no much experience. I will give you some ideas and warnings. If you are interested and you want to know whenever it is ready, you can enter your name and email address in the small form below.     Once you

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