20 Must-have Apps for Mothers

20 Must-have Apps for Mothers


Lee-la-version-en-espanol-aquiHappy Mother’s Day! Well, if you are one. If not, I’m sure you will also find something pretty interesting today. In this post I’m talking about 20 must-have apps for mothers. These apps can be pretty useful for many mothers and women. So let’s do this.

Image on yellow background saying: Happy Mother's Day Mom. 20 Must-have apps for mothers

1. Touch Lock – Kids Phone

This app that locks your screen when showing videos to your kid.

Are you a mother (or grandma) of toddlers? Perhaps you want to hold your little one next to you then show her some cartoons or other cool videos; you open YouTube and then your toddler (or you) touches the screen and the video stops. Or worse, you didn’t realize and your kid opened other apps and messed up your other apps deleting some data. Touch Lock allows you to block the touchscreen and all soft buttons (power button remains active) so you can let your child watch YouTube videos without getting out of the app.

And for parenting control, if you have a smart TV or an MHL cable you can show YouTube videos on the large screen. Your children will be watching whatever you have queued on your YouTube list for them (just make sure cable or other regular TV is unavailable so they don’t switch channels). Comment and opinion on the side: add great, educative, and inspiring content for your children to watch on the playlist of videos in YouTube. Let them watch videos to learn a foreign language like Spanish!

Touch Lock is also great if you are cuddling with your beloved one watching a movie from a tablet and you don’t want to accidentally touch the screen. It’s pretty easy to lock your phone, but unfortunately they don’t provide good password options, you only can choose between two, three, and four taps on the top right to disable the lock. So don’t share this important secret with your little ones 😉 And last, unfortunately they do not have other languages support.

Touch Lock – Kids Phone is only available on Google Play. More info on www.kidscrape.com

2. OurHome

This app helps you motivate and encourage your kids to do their house chores

OurHome is an app for the whole family. The main focus is helping children to be motivated to do their chores, homework, church and scout duties and whatever other duties you want through rewards. You create tasks and you can delegate them and/or let them choose which ones they want to do. Each completed task is worth a particular number of points (you say how many). When children reach the goal of certain points, they can have some pocket money, a prize like a special toy, a visit to the zoo, or anything you decide. Parents also get points and rewards. With this app, everyone can see where they are at and which assignments have been accomplished.

It’s a great way to delegate chores and also to keep track of them. You can set due dates for all tasks. You also can send messages through the app to encourage, remind or congratulate your family members. Teach your children to collaborate in the house in a fun way and let everyone to contribute with something. It is also a good way to remember all what needs to be done. This app can be accessed through different profiles even on the same device. Each user has to have its own password so you can manage restrictions (and nobody would add underserved extra points, plus you also get to have private tasks with visibility restrictions). And it can also be used from a regular browser without any device by visiting app.ourhomeapp.com so using a family computer will do. It doesn’t have ads, and it’s freely available in English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, and Japanese.

OurHome is only available on Google Play and App Store, but the web version should work on any browser from any phone, tablet or computer. More info on www.ourhomeapp.com

3. TrueCaller

A caller ID network to know who is calling and a spam and extortion calls control for you and your children.

Are you tired of receiving phone calls from telemarketers, spammers and even fraudulent numbers? Then you may want this app. TrueCaller has a large list of spam numbers updated constantly that it uses as a reference to block calls. And you can also add other numbers you want to block. The first calls that TrueCaller identified on my phone were from salespeople from a bank. I immediately blocked the number. But TrueCaller is not just about blocking unwanted numbers. You can use it as your main contact app to make phone calls.

If you are connected to the Internet (WiFi or 3G/4G), it also tells you who call you, or who are you calling to even if they are not on your contacts list. Well, not all numbers, TrueCaller uses social media and other public information to retrieve the name of whoever calls you. A good standing company will normally appear on a caller ID, that’s good because you know whether you want to answer or not. Extortion, suspicious, and spam numbers are also shown when they call and TrueCaller notifies you.

TrueCaller also lets you update your profile and make it public or visible only to those who you approve. You can update your profile with your name, a picture, an email, a website, a physical address, and a short text about you. Profiles can be verified with a Facebook and Google account. There are about 2.5 million numbers in TrueCaller. Sharing your profile is not for everyone, but if you have a business or you want visibility and people find you, you can make your profile public so other TrueCaller users will know when you are calling. Those you call or search for you, would most likely need the app installed on their phones to see your TrueCaller profile. If you want to check out a number either to verify or see who it belongs to, just copy it to your clipboard and TrueCaller will look up the phone for you in its database; if it’s not there it will look it up on the web.

The Search function is also a neat feature. You can find other TrueCaller users. Choose the country first, then look for a name, and if they are registered, profiles matching your search will show up. Those with public profiles will display their numbers and other information. If they have a private profile, you will see the name (if the user registered his or her name as the same that matches with the search), whether the phone is verified or not, the city the phone is from, and a picture (if they uploaded one). If you find the person you want to contact and you are sure it is he or she by the picture or name, you can send them a request so they can allow you to see their numbers and any other information they have in their profile. Try it out, you can search for someone’s name, someone not on your contacts list, if you can’t think of anyone, look for my name (Jesús Rosas) and picture in Mexico, but don’t send me a request to share my phone number with you, I’m keeping that private 🙂 (If you need to get hold of me, I would prefer you do it through email or WeChat: jesusrosasiv).

For those TrueCaller users that are pretty close to you, like your family and other dear ones, you can allow them to see when you are busy during phone calls or on silent mode so they don’t call you at that moment. Let your children install it too, exchange your profiles and protect them from unwanted calls. TrueCaller is available in about 40 languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, German, and French.

TrueCaller is only available on Google Play, App Store, and Windows Store. More info on www.truecaller.com

4. WeStore

Your ministore online with a unique link page easy and for free.

Are you having a garage sale, selling a few items on the side, or perhaps you want to give stuff away? WeStore is an app that creates a link with your own ministore of products to display. WeStore gives you a unique, permanent and reusable link to list new items each time you want. You open the app on your phone, tap on products, tap on the plus sign, and you can easily upload pictures of something you want to sell; you have to add a description (about 50 words max), the number of items you have in stock, and put the price in any currency you want plus shipping costs if any. Your items will be shown on a simple and responsive page with all the things you are selling. And except for the “get my WeStore” ad at the very bottom, there are no distracting ads and no items from other sellers. It’s just your items. People can still come to your link after an item has been sold, but they will see other things you are also selling.

You can update what you want people to see when they visit your link. It’s open to anyone (no need for the viewer to have a WeStore account) and it can be shared with people that are not in your social media circles. You can send this link through email, WhatsApp, Facebook or any social platform, put it out on a sign somewhere or even write it on a piece of paper and hand it out. You also decide what contact information you want to show so people can reach you. And if you prefer, you don’t have to give any information, nor even phone numbers if you don’t want to because WeStore also has a messaging platform to communicate with potential buyers.

You can make arrangements to meet at a certain public area instead of giving your home address, in case you don’t want to share that.

Now the downsides: There isn’t any way to have a backup. The price you put somehow is reduced by a few cents, I don’t know why. WeStore doesn’t have a search function so if you have lots of items, it would be hard to find one in particular (although you can get the product link if you saw it first or mark it as favorite). Also, your page with listings is not discoverable, it won’t be found in search engines like Google and Yahoo. WeStore is just a simple tool to put pictures and descriptions online of the things you want to sell in your own personal link.

WeStore can be linked to your PayPal account so customers can buy online, but they also have to have a PayPal account. However, unless you know what you are doing, I would recommend doing offline transactions instead of using PayPal when selling through WeStore. An exception is when you trust and know very well the other person. If you are the buyer, what’s the warranty you will get your product shipped? There are no profile verifications and no reviews. If you are the seller, the app doesn’t calculate shipping costs, you only put a flat amount for each product, if someone buys from you, what are you going to do if shipment fees are higher than what you expected?

With a few exceptions, I wouldn’t recommend WeStore for your professional business or company. You would need a more reliable, customizable, and professional platform for that. Besides, WeStore doesn’t give you an easy-to-memorize URL (link address), and you don’t know how long WeStore is going to be around. I have also experienced a couple of bugs such as not being able to edit an item so I needed to erase it and upload it again.

Use WeStore to sell things you want to get rid off or perhaps some occasional items or services you offer on the side. Think of it like the things or the stuff you would post on craigslist or the classified ads section of a local newspaper. How many times have you talked to someone saying, I’m selling an old table, giving away puppies, or making cupcakes? Share your link and they will see prices and descriptions. And it’s free, zero plans, no fees, nothing. I know many mothers that sell things on the side such as cosmetics, desserts, cleaning products, or offer services like yoga sessions, haircuts, and school tutoring among others. Here is my link if you want to see an example how can be used: westore.am/en/s/13000

WeStore is in English to setup, but for the buyer, he/she can change the interface to 29 languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, French, Korean, and Chinese, and can also change to different currencies.

This app is only available on Google Play and App Store 

6. MyDressing

Your clothes inventory and a tool to experiment and create new outfits and share with family and friends

How many times have you got out of the shower standing in front of your closet not knowing what to wear? I know more than one who have dressed and changed their outfits a few times before leaving the house because they hadn’t felt completely happy with their clothes. Now picture this, you are laying down comfortable on your bed holding your phone or tablet while you get to see what you will be wearing that day or the next one. In fact, you get excited because you get to experiment new combinations with your clothes without having to change your clothes one single time. This cool app by Alexandre Thomas is exactly what this is for.

MyDressing lets you take pictures of your wardrobes and make outfits. Depending on how big your wardrobe is, it may take a whole day entering all your clothes, but once you are done, it will be worth it and it will be easier to choose what to wear next. First, you take a picture of your clothes separately and, with your finger, you crop around the shape of your clothes and save it. You can either include the brand, year, size and some story behind your items. Once you save it, you add more items. You add them all into your library.

Tip: Take the picture of all your clothes with enough light. Use the same cool white light for all pictures and avoid sharp shadows. You don’t want your clothes to appear darker or color changed on your gallery.

MyDressing organizes the library by types of clothes (tops, pants, sweaters, etc.). Once you have them all, the fun part begins, you can start creating outfits. You can play with different combinations and save them in different collections such as seasons, specific locations, moods, or anything you want it to be. When you are finished doing as many outfits as you want, you can choose some and mark them as favorites. Once you have your favorites, you can decide every time, which outfit you will wear, either a regular outfit or from your library of favorites. You can also share your clothes and outfits online and ask for opinions. And it also has a way to backup all your data so you can transfer it to another device.

If you are in a store buying new clothes, you can either take a picture of that blouse you like and see if it matches with anything you have or keep it to your wish list.

If someone borrows something from you, you can also keep track on it using a new collection of clothes you have lent. It’s easy and fun. You also can know how many clothes you have and which ones you use less often so you can sell them or give them away. Do that for your children too, although there aren’t multiple profile users per app you can organize clothes per person and add clothes in subcategories.

Another cool use is if you are packing, take pictures of your suitcases and add them in a new category called luggage. Create a new outfit, add the suitcase and all clothes you want to pack. That way when you travel (or storage your clothes), you know exactly where they are. If you want to get rid of clothing, you can also put them in a new collection for donations or for sale and you can use WeStore to list them 😉

MyDressing is in English only.

This app is only available on Google Play. More info on www.mydressing.co

7. YouCam Makeup

Real time makeovers for free

Amazing and funny if you want. Your phone camera recognizes your face and adds professional makeup to your live video or chosen image.  You can make your own combinations too. Eyelashes, eye shadow, eye liner, looks,  lip color, and blush. Not sure if the palette of colors would be enough for everyone, but I think it looks pretty solid. Just open the app and tap the makeup cam icon and start playing with looks so you know how you look before deciding whether to buy certain makeup or not.  Be adventurous and see how you look with new color combinations without spending a dime.

There are also several options and related ads, but they are not intrusive; if you want to go deeper, you can create a profile and join a community to chat, share pictures, and comment on them and ask opinions. You will find on the menu, at the bottom, the letter B. which takes you to pictures and content organized in boards such as brands, publications, weekly stars, events,  gifts, the look saloon (users’ images with the app that you can also try on your own pictures), and even free videos with makeup tutorials. If you want, you can take selfies and try different makeup styles. Once you know you like a certain lipstick color or shade, you can buy it, and here is a commercial, if you are interested in European and fine affordable makeup, I distribute Oriflame products. You can see a couple of products on my ministore such as http://www.westore.am/en/item/9022976?return=s/13000

YouCam Makeup – Makeover Studio is en English only and it is available on Google Play and on App Store. More info and related apps on www.perfectcorp.com

8. You Makeup

A makeup photo editor with many options

I’m adding this one for your list too, because it is a great option except for its intrusive ads. Don’t be fooled by its antiqued and childlike interface. It’s has all tools you need to experiment with your look.  It’s like  YouCam Makeup, but without the social and tutorials. Tap on makeup cam and take a selfie or browse a picture and start experimenting with looks. You can also slice bars to increase or decrease makeup intensity. The beauty and makeup option is an advanced mode to adjust the entire makeup combination or individual elements such as foundation, lipstick, eyelash, eye liner, brow, blush, eye shadow, glitter, double eyelid, and even add accessories, such as glasses and hats (some kind of cartoonish look). There is also the option to alter the real you, your physical appearance, such as narrowing your face, enlarging your eyes, lifting your nose, slimming your nose, clearing your eyes, modify your smile and whiten your teeth. I’m not a big fan of that, but there you have it.

You Makeup is in English only and it is available in Google Play. For additional info contact support@fotoable.com

9. Out of Milk

Icon is a blue bottle of milk with a fourth of milk. This is Out of Milk logo.

The number one app for your shopping lists

There are so many apps out there about grocery shopping, lists, and related, but give Out of Milk a try. Definitely this is one of the top 20 must-have apps for moms. You should definitely try it out. Type, dictate, scan a barcode, or choose from history to add items to your shopping list. Items will be organized in categories such as dairy, produce, canned, bakery and bread, etc. (you can edit and manage these categories) so when you go to the store you know what to look for in each section.

If you want to be more precise, you can tap on each item and enter the quantity you need (by piece, weight, volume, etc.), its price (and taxes if any), whether you have coupons, and notes. If you add the price every time you add an item to your cart, you will be adding the total bill automatically so you know how much you will pay before getting in line to check out. That’s one grocery list, you can have multiple grocery lists, save them or erase them.

There is also the pantry list where you add items you regularly buy, you get the option to mark them as low or full. If low, you tap on it and it will give you the option to add it to any of your shopping lists. Lists can be shared in real time, you can access them anywhere from http://www.outofmilk.com/ It’s very simple and intuitive. You will be in control of what you have in your kitchen in a fun way. And enter your US zip code and you will get the latest deals in your area.

Out of Milk is only in English, but list items and categories can be entered in other languages, Out of Milk would learn the inputs, accept them and suggest them for future references.

This app is available in Google Play. App Store users: do not confuse it with other apps of similar names looks like it is not there now. For questions go to http://support.outofmilk.com/hc/en-us

10. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Uncountable recipes, nutrition facts, and videos

And for those who love cooking, here is a well known source made an app. Allrecipes is pretty simple, you just tap home and you will see an uncountable number of recipes, tap on the search field and look for recipes with that ingredient you are thinking of. I just typed asparagus and got 562 recipes with asparagus. A cool feature is that you open any recipe and you can see the nutrition facts, more pictures, preparation and cooking time. A few even have videos! (Look at the very bottom to see if they have it). Mark your favorites and that’s it! Now you won’t be short on ideas every time you are going to cook. And you can create your shopping list there, but do better your shopping list with Out of Milk app to know what ingredients you have and what you are missing.

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner is only in English and it’s available on Play Google, App Store, Windows Store, and Amazon (for Kindle). More info here: www.allrecipes.com

Medical apps

You always need to know some basics when it comes to health and medicine. You never know when your children may get sick or hurt. You need to be prepared and having some first aid references and even online help on your phone or tablet can be a lifesaver. I’m not going to list one single app for that, but a couple ones. When it comes to health, better be prepared with a few options installed on your phone just to compare; or just in case one app doesn’t have the information you are looking for.

11. WebMD

You probably know WebMD website, this time you can have valuable information on your phone. It has a symptom checker, heart conditions, a list of the different types of medicine, and a dictionary of medical terms. It also has a First Aid information option that differently from the other sections, this one works offline. It has a couple of ads, but other than that, it works great. Definitely one of the 20 must-have apps for mothers. 

WebMD is only in English. It is available on Google Play, App Store, and Amazon. For more info and additional apps go to http://www.webmd.com/mobile

12. HealthTap

A type of white cross or flower on a red squared icon.

HealthTap brings you doctors online to your phone. If you really need one, just go to the Consults and Answers option and you will find doctors available for you for a certain fee. If your question is not urgent, you can post it for free and wait a day or so to receive a reply. There are great posts, articles and guidance on the To-Do newsfeed. These suggested goals are tailored to the interests you chose when opening your account. For example, there is a topic on avoiding sunburn, if you click on it, you are presented with shareable checklists of things to avoid the sun. How cool is that? You can also add other profiles and ask questions on their behalf. Unfortunately, HealthTap doesn’t work offline.

App in English and it is only availabe on Google Play and App Store. For more info visita www.healthtap.com/

13. First Aid Offline

Black icon with a red bag and a white cross. On top says First Aid. This is the logo or icon of First Aid app.

First Aid is a simple app, addressing major emergencies with brief explanations and possible treatments. The interface and images are not that great, but the information can be really lifesaving. Besides providing information, it also has a voice recorder in case you want to describe the event. There is also a camera function, and even a game to distract the injured victim. But I would use other apps for voice and video recording as well as for taking pictures.

First Aid is only in English and it is available on Google Play. For more info email shermaine.phang@gmail.com

14. Saint John Ambulance

St John Ambulance First Aid icon in green

This app also covers most common major and minor injuries or health events. It is also brief and simple, but once you look at one symptom you have to tap to a next slide to see what you can do, still good and it works offline.

It is only in English and it is available on Google Pay. For additional info visit www.sja.org.uk/sja/default.aspx

15. First Aid Emergency & Home

A red heart and a cross silhouette

A good app. Just type some symptoms and see results, several ones and with lots of information about causes and other similar situations, although it has offiline content, it is not fully functional offline. It covers most common scenarios.

And there you go, you have enough apps to install on your phone to be ready just in case of an emergency. I would recommend trying them out and see which one you feel more comfortable and rank them on your phone.

This app is in English and it is available on Google Play, Amazon Store, BlackBerry World. For more info contact connectarfa@gmail.com

16. Sworkit

Sworking logo is a white background with an orange silhouette of a timer with an S in the center

Fitness at home for busy people

Are you a busy mom who wants to be in good shape? Sworkit app can help you do exercise from 5 to 60 minutes daily in your own home, whatever amount of time you choose. It allows you to customize your routines and follow video workouts. You will see a trainer doing the exercises so you can follow. There is no need to go to the gym. Choose your main goal: strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching and you will be guided through short videos so you can do them at the same time.

Follow the voice of the professionals or create your own routines from a list of 224 workouts. There is a premium option to do additional exercises, but you can do pretty well just with the free version. Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

Sworkit is available on Google Play and App Store. For more info, visit www.sworkit.com

17. Health Infinity / HI – Health & Fitness Tracker

Greenish circle with a red heart in it.

Keep track of your health and fitness to improve

Here is an app to keep track of your health, diet, and fitness. There is no way to improve something if you don’t measure it. So this app tracks, analyzes, and summarizes your weight, foods, activities, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, and squats. It will also tell you your body mass index, your ideal body weight, your body fat, and more. I don’t know how it will be for you, but at first I was lost navigating this app, but after playing around with it, you start becoming more comfortable.

I’m not a big fan of the colors, but something really cool is that I can enter or scan some foods and it will give me an estimate of calories, fat, carbs, and proteins. The app claims to have access to more than 250K global and local foods. Try typing or speaking Big Mac and you will see enough options on the famous Mac menu. Try apple, and it will show you different kinds of apples. I think it is amazing. The app also says it synchronizes with Google Drive and it’s available in more than 45 languages;however, I haven’t found how to change the language. If you download it and find the way to do it, please let me know.

HI – Health & Fitness Tracker is available in Google Play. For more info, please contact feedback.droidinfinity@gmail.com.

18. Mama & 19. Wish


Purple icon of mama icon Blue icon of Wish app

Two apps for shopping as a mom with affordable prices.

And how could I not tell you about shopping options? These two apps from the same developer are online stores you don’t want to miss. Mama is focused on modern and trendy mom outfits and items. You will also find clothes and accessories for your children. Wish focuses more on fashion and it also offers products for men for example. Check them out and take advantage of some affordable prices. Products come directly from the manufacturers. Many thanks to Heidi Tharp for telling me about these two apps.

Both apps are in English, but currencies can be changed. They ship worldwide and mainly to Mexico, the US, and Canada.

Mama and Wish are available on Google Play (Mama, Wish), App Store, Microsoft Store, and Amazon Store. For more info visit https://www.wish.com/help. 

20. justWink Greeting Cards

Icon of justWink app

Send personalized digital greeting cards through email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS or even regular mail.

Moms are always thoughtful of important events in our lives, and sometimes a greeting card is the perfect way to show they thought of us. Now you can continue sending greeting cards through email, social media and even continue using regular mail. Open the app, choose a category and customize your card. You can also add a picture of you, you can sign it with your real handwriting. You will need to sign up for free, but notice that some cards have a lock, those have an additional cost.

justWink Greeting Cards is only in English. It is available on Google Play and App Store. For more info visit www.justwink.com/

And since it is Mother’s Day, I’m leaving this card below that I made with justWink app just for all of you (click on the image to open the greeting card on a new tab/window):

Image of an envelope saying "Click to open"

And that’s it, what do you think? Do you have another cool app in mind that you think moms should have in their phone? If you do, please . I hope this has been useful to you. Again, happy Mothers’ Day!

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Disclaimer: I am not linked in any way to any of these apps. I have tested them all on my Galaxy Tab S2 and they worked fine. Depending on your phone, some apps may not be compatible or may even run slower. Please notice that I don’t take any responsibilities for any damages, losses, or liabilities that could happen to you, your family or any other people or your device for downloading and/or using these apps. Thank you!