Witnessing the arrest of a suspect in L.A.

Witnessing the arrest of a suspect in L.A.

Lee-la-version-en-espanol-aqui Some events lately on the news in the L.A. area reminded me of something that happened to me a couple of years ago during my last year of university. I was on a short trip to California. I got on the Amtrak train. I noticed a beautiful twenty-something girl sitting nearby. I tried to get to know her, so I waited until we arrived. I approached her and started a conversation. We walked out of the train.

At first I had thought she was from another country, but we were chatting and later on I found out her father was from India, I think. We kept talking while we found ourselves walking behind a man who was pushing someone else sitting in a wheelchair. I liked that because we had to slow down and thus have more time to talk to this girl. She was kind and we were talking about some trivial things.

We crossed some doors and we continued walking in line behind the wheelchair people. I noticed a police officer running somewhere back and forth. The police officer talked on his radio somewhere near me. Immediately two more policemen appeared.

As the girl and I separated a few steps away from the wheelchair people, I noticed two police officers walking one in front of the other relatively behind us. The one on the front was a policewoman and the policeman behind her was slightly lower down and kind of covering himself behind the policewoman. Both had their guns pointing at the man who was pushing the wheelchair. The policewoman shouted something to him. The man pushing the wheelchair raised her hands.

People around were walking away at a normal speed opening the area. I wanted to take my camera and take pictures, but that probably wouldn’t be welcomed. More policemen came and took the man to the floor, handcuffed him and frisked him. They pulled out a small knife or razor and some random objects from the suspect’s pockets. Another policeman was taking notes on paper when talking to the man in the wheelchair who seemed to be just a regular innocent passenger. Was he being used by the other man to hide? Not really sure.

I never knew what happened there. But that was a random thing that happened to me in L.A. I said goodbye to the girl. And no, I didn’t ask for a phone number.

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