LibertaGia questions and review, where does the money come from?

What is LibertaGia? I’ve been looking for honest reviews and I still haven’t been able to find much. Why is it becoming so popular in such a short amount of time? But even though as today it is close to the 1000 most visited website in the world (1), I still wonder about it. Most of the review websites I find are affiliates promoting LibertaGia. Here are some questions and possible answers that I hope someone can help me clarify.

UPDATE: This post was originally written on May 5, 2014 with an update on August 29, 2014. Things have happened since then. You can read my experience below or just go to My Final veredict at the end of the post.


I Joined, But… 

UPDATE: This post has some updates done on August 29, 2014 due to recent changes in the terms and usage of LibertaGia. You will find updates written within brackets and in bold. I’ll edit and rewrite this post again after getting additional information. First, you should know that I joined LibertaGia. I’m trying it out. If you also want to give it a try you can join for free in this venture by registering here, which is my affiliate link, but I remind you, I am trying it out; I don’t take any liability. I still don’t know if it works or not. If you join for free, you don’t have much to lose.

The First Things I Learned About LibertaGia

In case you don’t know, LibertaGia is a company that uses multilevel marketing model (MLM). They sell products and services and members can get money recruiting others, doing mindless tasks, and/or selling LibertaGia products/services. However, when I first heard about it, I was with a couple of other friends talking about businesses. One of them told us something like this, “work from home; get 60 USD a month for looking at 10 websites [It used to be 10 websites now it is 15 websites] 5 days a week. You look at each website for no longer than 90 seconds. You get 60 USD for 15 minutes a day and you don’t pay anything. And not just that, you get money by recruiting others.” Two of my friends seemed excited about it. We were shown that after registering, you start 10 daily tasks. Each task was looking at a webpage for 90 seconds. After 90 seconds a number had to be entered (the result of an easy equation such as 5 + 2) and done [Now you have to enter a  combination of eight numbers and letters]. Finished task. Nine more to go and your work for the day with LibertaGia was completed. I got intrigued. Who pays that much for visiting sites? I was curious and wanted to find the real thing behind the scheme and refocus my friends in real businesses. But I wouldn’t be able to do it without a little research. So after I left, I did some basic research. I visited several websites, including the official website where I downloaded the official presentation. I learned that there is a promised career and a lot of money on the plate. I’m always skeptical about these sort of things and how many companies always promise so much for little in exchange. But again, I was really curious by the fact that LibertaGia has been going up in traffic ranking so fast. In a couple of months it is now close to the 1000 most visited website in the world (1). This is something. If managed correctly, you can get a lot of money with this. You get the attention of thousands of visitors every day; this is a dream come true for advertisers and marketers.

How Many Members Does LibertaGia Have?

According to Rui Salvador, the founder and president of the company, they have reached the 1 million mark (2).

Where are the complaints?

But leaving aside the marketing opportunities for the owners of LibertaGia, I was wondering, why so many visits (1) and not so many complaints yet? Really, there are literally hundreds (it not thousands) of pages promoting LibertaGia and I haven’t been able to find former users or people who have actually tried and complained about something suspicious and/or irregular in LibertaGia. I saw maybe one or two complaints about LibertaGia’s customer service, which I also have not much positive to say about it (more on this below). So I decided to join. What could I lose? I didn’t like the fact that I was asked for my personal government ID though. I wondered, what would be the worst it could happen? Identity thief? Extortion? That type of thing. Is it fixable? I haven’t even given Facebook or Google my phone number, let alone my ID. Either way, I enrolled and started my first task.

Can People Really Make Money?

I visited 10 pages. I had to see each page for 90 seconds. I saw pages in Russian, Portuguese, English and Spanish. After completed the 10 website visits of the day, I got in my LibertaGia account 3 USD. I continued the next couple of days and so far I have earned 12 USD. However, withdrawing money from your account is limited. First you cannot withdraw less than 300 USD (it used to be 500 USD). Thus you have to wait until you get that amount before attempting to withdraw your earnings. By doing nothing else, but the daily tasks, it would take around six months to finally withdraw money. LibertaGia offers additional ways to accelerate this and increase the earnings at a faster pace. [According this video featuring Rui Salvador on August 5, 2014 (minute 10) there are different types of memberships. The free membership charges you 40 USD each month. This payment is deducted from your own LibertaGia earnings. It goes to something called captive balance and you can use this captive balance to purchase LibertaGia products only, but you cannot withdraw the money. For those who are on a higher paid membership then they don’t have membership fees; they have to “pay for the kits of products, which will entitle them to certain quantity of products from LibertaGia… this will also entitle people to earn from their teams.” ]

How do you get your money?

Now that you have your money, how do you actually get it? You can do it through a bank transfer or through LibertaGia own debit card named GiaCard [LibertaGia offers three different types of cards]. Both options may cause some discomfort. A bank transfer requires you to provide sensitive information about your bank account. Opting for a GiaCard [LibertaGia card] means purchasing a plastic card (30 USD for the card[The cost? 29.99 euros, 49.99 euros, or 59.99 euros depending of the card]) and hoping that you can actually use it in all major ATMs around the world. And you would also have to pay for withdrawing (3). The advantage for the last option is that you don’t need to provide any bank account information to get it. You need your full name, official ID (this is said to avoid multiple accounts) and 30 USD that you can pay with your own LibertaGia earned money. However, GiaCard is still not available. Supposedly it is going to be made by a serious and international company called Unicre (4). I would probably go for the last option. [And now you have to pay for your LibertaGia card with a bank deposit or with a credit card. In the comments below this video it is explained that you cannot use your money earned through LibertaGia to pay for the card because “the card is being issued by a bank”, which is an external company. The contract says that LibertaGia cards are issued by Prepaid Financial Services Limited (“regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, UK. Registered Office: 36, Carnaby Street, London. Registered No. 900036 in FSA Register of e-Money Institutions”) which I emailed them to see if they issued such cards and someone named Maja Kotnik replied back saying that they do issue LibertaGia cards. The email provided the following contact info: “Office: +44 (0)207 125 0321. Fax: +44 (0)207 691 7462. 4th Floor, 36 Carnaby Street, London, W1F 7DR.”]

Has Someone Actually Withdrawn Money?

I wish I knew someone personally that is actually making and withdrawing money. My sponsor hasn’t got any money yet because she invited me three days before I joined. She only told me that her sponsor is making around 700 to 800 USD a month now. I cannot vouch for or corroborate that, but I’m only looking forward to the day when I will actually be able to withdraw money. [According to this video featuring Rui Salvador on August 26, 2014 on minute 6:29, many have requested withdraws, but few from June are left to be completed. I still haven’t seen anyone saying they’ve got payments and in the comments below on this post, there are a couple members who have requested their money with no luck. As far as I’m concerned, I’m still trying LibertaGia out and in its due time, I’ll request a withdraw and if it works great.] That’s when I will be able to tell the world that I can in fact get money through LibertaGia [or not in case I never get it]. But even that day I will still wonder how long this will last for the reasons below.

How Can LibertaGia Afford to Pay Everyone?

LibertaGia has won the attention of thousands of people. What’s next now? How can they pay? Advertisement, affiliation, products and services are the most obvious answers. But how does the math work here? I still don’t understand that, and this is where I feel there is a risk that LibertaGia may not last for a long time.


1. Advertisement

I’m assuming they will sell ads on their home page. So far they have Google Ads. They can also sell traffic packages trough Click Plus (a LibertaGia service). Any other type of advertisement? If you know, please let me know in the comments section below. First, selling ads on the 1000 most visited page of the world… how much could that be? Would that be enough revenue for LibertaGia to pay at least 3 USD a day to all LibertaGia Bronze members alone? (5) And keep in mind that according to the founder total members are now 1 million. Pay at least 3 USD to each of those 1 million members. Not just that, but LibertaGia Click Plus service is offering, for example, 50,000 website visits/views for 50 USD to those who want to buy traffic. Is that profitable? How is LibertaGia offering 50,000 views if LibertaGia members view only 10 [15] websites a day? That means they need about 5000 [3333] members to cover 50,000 unique views/visitors. Moreover, LibertaGia is paying 3 [2] cents per page visit (6). This means that 50,000 views through LibertaGia would cost 15,000 [10,000] USD (7). Am I right? This is what confuses me. If I did the math wrong, please someone explain it to me. And just as an aside comment, I wanted to try and purchase 50,000 views for one of my websites, but I got the following message: “Dear members, Buying ClickPlus packages is temporarily unavailable. LibertàGià Team.”  So, I couldn’t give it a try.


2. Affiliates.

Multilevel Marketing companies use affiliate fees as another good way to get money. LibertaGia is different in the way that offers you free membership. The free membership is the Bronze membership. However, your income and growth is limited. If you want to increase your income you are encouraged to upgrade to a paid membership. Paid memberships are silver and gold, which cost 899 USD and 1499 USD [1599 USD] a year respectively [And now LibertaGia also offers cheaper and more expensive plans too]. Those who upgrade paying such amounts of money obviously expect to earn a good profit from it. LibertaGia promises a good revenue to these people. But I wonder, how can these amounts of money actually multiply to give bronze members (free membership), silver and gold members, and LibertaGia itself some revenues? Obviously the money that comes in from paid membership is not enough. Someone has to sell products and services and distribute those profits among everyone. There is, however, another possibility of paying everyone else from the money LibertaGia gets from the new upgrades. People who decide to upgrade and earn money pay the silver or gold fee expecting to recover his/her investment in a passive way in about five or six months. This money that just came in from an upgrade is distributed among the rest of the members. So new upgrades bring money in. Like a loan, the first generation of members get the money from a second and larger generation of people who just upgraded, those from the second generation who just upgraded expect to bring new upgrades from an even larger third generation and so on. But what happens when upgrades stop coming in? What happens to those of the very bottom of the pyramid or ladder? There will be a time when recruiting becomes tougher. This happens to many MLM companies. They have a lifetime when they reach their climax and growth is slower. This is why joining multilevel marketing systems brings a lot of benefit when you are among the first to come. And right now, it seems that it is the best time to join LibertaGia if this works.


3. Products and services.

LibertaGia also offers some products and services. For example, it sells raffles through GiaGift and online storage called Cloud Box. I wonder if there is anything else. LibertaGia is also trying to bring all social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, etc.) into one place. And they want to make it big, this is an ambitious target. I don’t know if they will do it or not, but right now, at this moment. Are they making enough money from it? Or what else does LibertaGia offer? How much do these products are actually bought? Is this where most of the money comes in? I still wonder about who would pay 399 USD for 100GB of cloud storage, for example. I think it is expensive.

What about Their Customer Service?

I don’t have much of a customer service experience with them except for one attempt to contact them. I mentioned before that I tried to buy a Click Plus package, but it was not available so I sent an email asking when it would be ready. I sent the following email on May 15 at 2:35 pm Central Time:

Hello, I’m interested in buying some packages from ClickPlus, but the packages seem to be unavailable right now. Do you know a tentative time and/or date when is this going to be up again? today? this week? a month? Thanks,

Then I receive the following reply on May 16 at 4:14 am Central Time:

Bom Dia Jésus Rosas Agradecemos desde já o seu contacto. Informamos que nova aplicação ClickPlus estará disponível em breve. Melhores cumprimentos, Cristina Soares LibertàGia Interncaional

Yes, I got a fast reply, but well, they replied in Portuguese even though I asked my question in English. Do they answer everyone in Portuguese? And either way, they didn’t answer my question, they just told me that ClickPlus would be available soon. I sent another email on May 16 9:19 am Central Time asking if they spoke English. I haven’t got an answer yet. [UPDATE: They replied in English, same employee (Cristina Soares) on May 21, 2014 at 3:59 AM with the following: “Good Morning Jesus Rosas Thank´s for your contact. ClickPlus new application will be available soon. Best regards, Cristina Soares LibertàGia Interncaional.” Yes, in English this time, but still they didn’t answer my question.]

Online Conferences

I found, however, several websites with online conferences. These supposed to be from official representatives. If you do a quick search you will see schedules for future conferences in a couple of languages. Old conference videos can also be found in YouTube. These videos are conducted by different presenters and supposedly were recorded with a live audience. There aren’t many companies out there that provide these type of online conferences. Although this is a point to their favor, finding the actual conference and time is something you have to look actively. You will not hear about these things if you don’t look for it. It is worth mentioning that members who are logged in into LibertaGia have access to TV Liberta (found on the left menu), which has a list of a few videos from a couple of LibertaGia people, including Rui Salvador, the founder and president of this company. These videos can also be found in YouTube.

Is LibertaGia a Legal Company?

I wonder about these things. LibertaGia home page doesn’t have a phone number, postal address, contact page, email addresses, privacy settings, terms or use, and nothing official. I have only found two leader names.  A Portuguese man, Rui Salvador, who is the president and founder of LibertaGia and a 37-year-old Brazilian, Marco Sepe, Director of Marketing. So how reliable this is? Is it legit? Is LibertaGia a scam? Is LibertaGia a legal registered company? How trustworthy of a company LibertaGia is? The truth is I don’t know. People talk about how nice LibertaGia building is and that it is located next to Microsoft building in Lisbon, Portugal and that sort of things. Although a nice building doesn’t prove anything legal, it does bring a lot of trust being able to see something solid in a nice neighborhood. For me, what got me is the increased number of visitors flooding to LibertaGia and still no signs of illegal practices, scams or similar things.

A Genius, Naive, or Scammer Founder?

His Intentions

The founder, Rui Salvador, has created LibertaGia based on a multilevel marketing model. By recruiting, Rui Salvador, seems wanting to create a big network that not only work as a selling force of LibertaGia products, but also a network of buyers as well as an audience. With LibertaGia, he pays members to see websites; those who work seeing websites may become customers of the websites they see. Marketers will see this and buy from LibertaGia. He will make money selling audiences. This is the idea behind Click Plus, which is part of LibertaGia. He gets an eager audience ready to see anything you put in front of their eyes for 90 seconds.


Building a Team and Buying Time with No Money

In order to withdraw money, Rui Salvador offers GiaCard [LibertaGia cards], a new debit card. If LibertaGia continues increasing its membership numbers, as it has been doing it, GiaCard [LibertaGia cards]could become a popular debit card[s] competing with other bank cards and payment systems such as PayPal, Western Union, etc. And just as every bank encourage you to not withdraw money, but use your credit card so they can invest the money they have in other ventures, LibertaGia also has a policy that protects itself from massive and immediate withdrawals. Keeping the members’ earned money, and even encouraging the spending of it in LibertaGia products, seems the most logical way to succeed. This may explain why members currently cannot withdraw money below 300 USD. In a sense LibertaGia seems to be building a team with no cash, but credit. Nobody gets cash immediately with those tasks, you get the money in your account, but you cannot withdraw it immediately. LibertaGia is buying time.  And this may also explain why the lack of or small number of complaints online since most of LibertaGia members cannot withdraw money yet. And those have actually withdrawn money remain a silent small minority that I haven’t been able to find online. Those members who joined for free and only earn 60 USD a month won’t be able to withdraw until six months have passed from the date they joined. But what happens when you are exposed to a company for such a long time? If things work properly, you probably would start believing in it or trusting it, upgrading instead of withdrawing would make more sense since you can multiply your earnings. New members would see that they can make a lot more money and they will recommend and recruit more while LibertaGia is growing without disbursing any money.

A Smart and Ambitious Plan

The scheme sounds brilliant if managed properly. Think of it. If all this really works, Rui Salvador, and if true, he has already built a force of a million members in less than a year and most of them with the potential of recruiting more. His plan of creating an online hub of social media can work. He would also have created a new debit card (and a credit card in the future would seem logical) that competes against other banks and online payment systems. His company could receive impressive revenues and expand in some related industries and even make important changes in the way people earn money and use the Internet. It sounds ambitious right? Very ambitious. If it works he would have proved that he is really smart. The system as it is now is appealing. The proof? Well, it is bringing so much people in. And even if they are not joining the discussion is up. How long for LibertaGia to become one of the top 100 most visited websites in the world? All this if LibertaGia truly works.

A Difficult and Overwhelming Enterprise

But Rui Salvador could also be a naive founder. His ambitions are too big to become a reality. What else is out there that he and his team are not aware of? What about the competition? What would they do? What other obstacles hasn’t Rui Salvador think of? Is he prepared to manage it all?  The system may look great, but with such growth, a minimum mismanagement could bring things down. There are deficiencies right now, one example, websites to be visited and seen for 90 seconds are not geotargeted, which means that someone in China may get a website from Portugal; someone in Mexico may get a website from Russia, and so on. Some are already complaining about customer service. Moreover, most of the information people find online comes from members and not so much from the official website. Additional risks could be that upgrading and product sales may not come in the expected numbers. The audience may be too hard for a “call to action” (buying, subscribing, clicking links, etc.), and more. To summarize, there is a risk that LibertaGia is just too much for Rui Salvador and his team to handle.

Defining Scam

Is it a scam? Scam means “a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation”(8).  With this I understand that people have to be deceived. LibertaGia doesn’t explain many details, but it does tells you the basics of how it works. And one of these basics that brings a lot of people in to LibertaGia is that they can earn money by doing simple tasks. How much? At least 60 USD per month doing easy tasks. The scam would exist if the people behind LibertaGia actually didn’t pay you when they suppose to (get 300 USD first and then try to withdraw it to find out). It would also be a scam if they ran away with your money, data, etc., and disappeared. If your balance changed unexpectedly and without justification, if your name and other personal information were used outside of the intended purpose then I would call it a scam. So far I have not found signs of any of these things at this point. So far I have not seen any forum or blog talking about irregular practices. So is Rui Salvador a genius, a naive or a scammer? Based on LibertaGia current data and numbers, its management, current growth, public information available out there, and other members’ experiences with LibertaGia, it is too early to say.


LibertaGia is new. New companies can make many mistakes and have equal number of shortcomings at first. It still lacks of detailed and consistent official information. Besides, a lot of what I find comes out in Portuguese. Some products are not available yet, such as GiaCard and ClickPlus. Withdrawing money immediately is not an option. The online storage service seems expensive compared to other options. That sort of thing. In conclusion, in my opinion, I don’t think LibertaGia is a scam. I see it as a beta program still trying to organize itself. I cannot recommend LibertaGia without some warnings. First, I still wonder how successful will they be to bring the money in. They may succeed, they may fail. I hope they succeed. I’m intrigued by the fact that LibertaGia is growing so fast and among thousands of users I still haven’t found former LibertaGia members talking about frauds, scams or similar things. I’m giving it a try.  If you are interested in joining and try it yourself, I can invite you to enroll using my affiliate link: If you have questions, if you have answers to some of mine, and/or if you found some misinformation, please write them below. And even if you have something to say about LibertaGia, please share it below.


UPDATE: A final veredict

This is a final veredict I give to LibertaGia. I’ll assume you read the entire post, so you know what I’m talking about.

Since the very beginning I joined, I have seen LibertaGia making changes in how things work. Besides the changes I mentioned in this post, they have again changed the number of tasks from 15 to 20 (originally they were 10). They changed their card provider from Unicre to Prepaid Financial Services Limited, and now to ASAP World (9), which is a company just founded in 2010. ASAP World website looks like a blog template. It is not a banking institution, but a “Business Oriented Social Network” (10). LibertaGia has changed the money you can withdraw, how much you have to earn, and now you have to purchase a kit annually to keep your membership (11). Payments to buy memberships don’t accept credit cards or paypal, but bank deposits, bitcoin, and PagSeguro (for Brazilians only).

During this time, I’ve been trying to do my tasks, but their slow platform kept me constantly waiting to load a task page and refreshing meant wait again to finish that task. I found several times the server down and unable to do my tasks. I was also logged off very fast and when that happened while doing my tasks, I had to start doing them again.

I also had given them my documents as a proof of address and they seem to have lost them because I’ve been asked again to provide them. LibertaGia is constantly sending announcements to notify members of new changes or to apologize for technical issues and delays, including delays transferring money.

Some people have commented that they have been able to withdraw money. They are of course, those who paid for their cards. You can see examples in the comments below (if you can’t see the comments reload the page). Assuming withdrawing money went smoothly, is it still worth the time you spend in LibertaGia? In some cases, members have to consider electricity and Internet data (depending on plans) usage and/or renting computers (cybercafe fees, etc.).

Based on these issues in general, I have decided to stop using LibertaGia. I’m not closing my account. I’ll leave it there, I invested some time and “earned” some money that I’m not sure if one day I’ll be able to withdraw it.

If LibertaGia ends up working out all these current issues, I see it as another multilevel company that will be staying for a while. But in the way things are right now, I don’t see a real growth in terms of producing large amounts of capital or products. Those who come first and a few more will be making good money while the large majority of their members will be coming and then leaving or being inactive. Important changes would have to be done to change that. Right now, many LibertaGia members (based on emails I receive and some comments below) come with the idea of just making money by opening web pages when, in fact, the real bulk of money involves investing in purchasing kits and packages and referring others and making them buy. But that’s just my opinion based on what I have seen so far.


A Final Comment about Making Money Online and Working from Home

People have been asking me about different ways of earning money online and passive income. I’m now preparing an introduction to making money online and working from home so I can answer that and give you some ideas and warnings. This will be a compilation aimed to those who don’t know much about it. If you are interested and want to know whenever it is ready, you can enter your name and email address in the small form below. Once you do that, you will receive an email from me asking you to click on a confirmation link. Once confirmed, I will send everyone in that list a message letting you know about the release of this introduction to making money online and working from home. Again, this is only for beginners.



1. LibertaGia had the 1,043 global rank according to Alexa on May 17, 2014.
2. Rui Salvador talks in this video,libertagia-hispano that at that time they reached 1 million of members. He is presenting in Portuguese you can set captions on to see English.
3. Rui Salvador talks in this video about payments for withdrawing money (I cannot double check its autheticity since it is only a YouTube video posting by someone else). He mentions how much that costs depending on your subscription membership. Rui Salvador also mentions that the payment to withdraw is valid for a month. This means that you can withdraw unlimited number of times within 30 days
4. The announcement of Unicre is found in this video (in Spanish), but nothing written or from an official website yet. I also looked for Unicre domain and it has been online for almost 19 years. Unicre website claims its beginning since 1974 and among its investors are about a dozen of major banks, including Santander.
5. A Bronze member is a member that joins LibertaGia for free. Bronze members get 3 USD for visiting 10 websites in a single day. Silver and Gold members can earn more, at least something around 12 USD and 20 USD a day respectively for similar tasks.
6. If you get 3 USD per 15 visits then you get 3/15=0.2 LibertaGia pays .2 USD per each page view.
7. 0.2 USD (per visit) x 50,000 (number of views) = 10,000 USD for 50,000 visits.
8. accessed on May 17, 2014
9. LibertaGia’s announcement titled “Alert of 21/02/2015 – Backoffice, Payment Gateway and ASAP” posted on February 21, 2015. The announcement talks about Livio Papiano from ASAP World visiting LibertaGia. Announcement is found within LibertaGia backoffice under alerts/support option.
10. What is ASAP Online PSN Ltd?
11. Libertagia’s announcement titled: “KIT RENOVATION – OFFICIAL STATEMENT LIBERTAGIA MONDIAL” posted on May 26, 2015. Announcement is found within LibertaGia backoffice under alerts/support option.
12. Disclosure of Material Connection: Although some of the links in the post above may be from Google Ads (I do not choose what ads are shown there and I do not take any responsibility from them), other links may be “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. 


  • Felipe Isaza

    Hi Jesús, good writing. im as intriged as you if Libertagia is going to succed or not, if you find something else about it, please let me know. For the moment im going to do the same as you, just hope that it is as good as it looks like.

    • Thank you, Felipe. I’ll certainly give an update, but as I explained in the article, it will take some months before free members (like me) can actually withdraw money. If you enroll I would suggest you don’t miss your five days a week; otherwise you will stay behind.

      • Fru

        Hello! As I know, it will not pay $60 per month, but $20 only, because $40 goes to another type of balance, which cannot be used to withdrawal. This amount can be used for the upgrade of your membership. So it takes much more time to reach that $300… I guess this is why most of the members are still not payed.

      • Sprintson Loh

        hi jesus, after 5 months do you get your payment from libertagia??

      • Hi, Sprintson. Just as Fru said there are some changes in the money income, it now takes longer to make the minimum to withdraw. I also want to add that several times I’ve found the website in maintenance mode and cannot do my tasks of the day. When that happens, I usually don’t stick around and thus miss the earnings of that day. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to reach the minimum to withdraw. But I’m still keeping an eye on it. We will see. Thanks for asking.

        • Waseem Farooq

          Hi Jesus Rosas! I would like to bring a Major point into your notice that as per company rules, half of your earnings are transferred in your captive balance, which you can use to upgrade your packag along with your available balance. So if you are a free (Bronze) member and earn 60$ per month, it will take about 7 months to collect $400 and to upgrade your account to “Silver” but here’s a shocking news that when you upgrade from your account balance your package / membership date will not be extended (That is, for example if you start working as a free member on 01-01-2014 and your contracts expiry date is 31-12-2014, the same will not be extended and your silver package will also expire on 31-12-2014) which means that after upgrade, your contract will be expired after 5 months. Now after upgrading you have nothing in your account and you will earn $500 in the next 5 months @$100 per month out of which half of amount will again transferred to your captive balance and as we know the minimum amount to withdraw is $300 and after a work of one year we only would have $250 in our account which we cannot withdraw. So after having a work for a whole year, what will we earn????

          • saria

            hi jesus how are you sir i am completed 300 dollers in libertagia please tell me withdraw process .please give me your any email address or skype or any facebok id or contect num to learn the withdraw process plz….

          • chitharth

            can i ask u when did u start work in libertagia

        • Prince Prince

          Dear Jesus ! Nice post. I appreciate it but one thing I am unable to understand that how to withdraw money using bank transfer instead of ASAP card ???? I am not seeing bank transfer option currently . What do you say about it???

      • wasif

        hey your talking like a robot mr;jesus rosas so please tell me after upgrading booster why balnce is not adding to available balnce it is only adding in balance

  • tina

    hi jesus,I wanted to ask,How do I pay the $ 30?The money earned from the band’s website?Or should I pay myself?
    It is important to me. Because I can not give any money.PS Thanks for the article

  • Alina

    Hi. I am sure that this is completely illegal. You look at some web pages and get paid for that, which means that Libertagia makes false rating for those sites you are looking at. That means they are paid to show links, like Google adds, but instead of getting real customers to those pages, they get paid people who look at them without being interested in the content they see. It’s called click fraud:

    • Hi, Alina.

      Thank you for sharing this article. I really appreciate it. I understand the principle of click fraud. I don’t think we are talking about the same type of thing. I’m now focusing on the terminology.

      Companies pay Google or Yahoo to have their ads shown in websites that are geotargeted (audiences from particular locations) or content related. Dishonest people create a page with all these ads and pay others to click on them.

      The idea behind LibertaGia is similar, not exactly the same, but also this doesn’t make it exempt from guilt in other aspects. People don’t click on ads that are sold as geotargeted or content related (which is what makes click fraud possible). For example, if you have a pet store in Chicago, you can pay Google or Yahoo to show a link to your store to people who like pets and live in Chicago. If you get a bunch of clicks from people who don’t care about pets and, even worst, all clicks from China (or anywhere in the world but Chicago), that is obviously a fraud.

      LibertaGia has a worldwide audience that is paid to see websites (not links to click) for 90 seconds. The audience comes from any country. And members are not identified by interests. I think if you know this, you cannot necessarily call it a fraud since you know you are paying for visibility regardless of who your audience is or what they like. If you know this from the beginning it is not a fraud. I mean 50 USD for 50,000 views from people all over the world and a variety of interests (especially making money online if you are in LibertaGia) doesn’t sound too bad. Nobody can see the websites unless they are LibertaGia members and LibertaGia members cannot see more than a small number of ads a day.

      Now, where could some fraud be? A possibility could be that the websites I submitted to be seen by LibertaGia audience were not shown at all, and/or that users found a way to actually don’t see my website (such as a robot or a programmed way to open websites and wait 90 seconds automatically without a human seeing it).

      Another possible type of fraud could be that someone found a way to have an exaggerated number of multiple accounts in LibertaGia (which you suppose not to) and saw my website several times.

      If that happened, it would be a fraud. Now after these first results of other LibertaGia users, I wouldn’t dare to pay anything to them.

  • Monika64

    I don’t trust Libertagia since the founder Rui Salvador has been involved in many other website scams such as Banner Broker Ponzi scam. And also why would anyone give they personal IDs on internet when there are so many identity theft all over the world?? I worked online and noone ever asked me for my personal IDs and such! And also, ofcourse they use those unpopular credit card issuers since they have a zero protection, not like Paypal or Payoneer… Well good luck to you with Libertagia, I just hope you won’t invest your money in it

  • Maximusbgd Meridius Decimus

    Hello Jesus..I am member of Libertagia 4 months,everethyng goes nice and smooth..but since migration on new server shows us that something is going on.New Therms of Use were implemnted in last 12 days and nobody knows nothing.The news are…..15 daily tasks for 3 $…?????…first simptome….CAPATIVE BALANCE exist NO MORE….they are taking from us 30 $ each month..and we are workin for 30$…each month…..there si no residual income from affiliates like before… you have to by KIT package if you want to get paid from your affiliates… is missing on balances…..something strange is going on…..THEY HAVE IMPLEMENTED NEW THERMS OF USE…WITHOUT NOTIFICTION…i have 95 members in my downline,most of them are very mad about this,many of them will leave Liberta becouse of those changes implemented in last several days…..this is signal that something bad is smelling arround….what do you think about this????….frend of mine GOLD lider…ask for payment on 1.06…1070$…and they did not pay him his commision yet…?????Best regards from Belgrade.

    • Hi, Maximusbgd. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. This is the kind of things I would like to hear, experiences whether positive or negative, but real life experiences from users.

      Yes, they changed the number of daily tasks from 10 to 15. Last minute changes with no direct notifications seem to be common in LibertaGia. Although every time you login to LibertaGia there is a box that says: I accept the Terms of Use of LibertaGia. In theory I’m not sure if LibertaGia expects we read these terms of use every single day. But that is obviously impractical and inefficient. The way to go is if your company has an update in your terms, your company should send a notification to everyone. I’m updating this post with this new info.

      Not getting money is frustrating. Has your friend got any money yet? We need to make public this to everyone else.

      Thanks again for sharing your experience, and sorry for the late reply by the way.

  • Rao Uzair Ali Khan

    It is Totally Fake & Scam, Just a New trick of Fraud.

    • Thank you for sharing your comment, Rao. Have you or do you know someone who has have a bad experience with this? It would be great to know some cases so other people know.

      • Muhammad Mustafha

        Hi Jesus, I am also a viktim of libertagia.
        I could see u replied to many candidates who joined and contributed their time money and energy to atleast get some sort of return.
        As per almost candidates not received payment from libertagia, so it seems it is fake, scam and also new strategy following to make men fool. Better u accept this truth of people and try to make arrange of all investors who spent lot of their valuable time, money energy.

        • Thank you for stopping by, Muhammad. You said you are a victim of LibertaGia. Did you lose some money? Perhaps you could share with all of us some details about your experience.

  • Mono Diego Tapia Gallegos

    Hi Jesus Rosas,

    you blog is a really good way to keep everybody informed.

    well i’m in libertagia from may my sponsor help me to upgrade with his money what he was making in libertagia so now i’m platinum package which i had to paid $2,999 for this package, of course i paid him in cash because if i would have upgrade by my own it was an extra $300 on interest transfer which it was good. any way now it’s august and i have requested my first payment last month 1st of august, and it almost one month and i still haven’t received my payment..!! also now there is a new libertagia card which you have to pay 59.99 euros from external money, NOT from the libertagia balance which that really freaked me out!! any way i did ordered eventually one week ago but i still haven’t received any notification or email regarding this… i think it’s so unprofessional which i got it something i don’t know how to get out but recovered my money. so far i have no response regarding this. I can sell my credit to other people that i got involved but i don’t feel like lying and rip others off..!! but at this stage i really wish that some other people can tell me if anybody have got paid.!!

    • Hi, Mono Diego.

      Thank you for sharing your experience. First of all, sorry to hear about the issue you have with your investment. I have done purchases of products in other companies and when requesting a return to get my money back, I have found horrible periods of waiting time to receive my money back. A month doesn’t surprise me and especially with the bad customer service LibertaGia has.

      The new cards that need to be purchased with money from other than your own balance is a red flag. I’m updating this post with these changes.

      Regarding your money, I would definitely keep insisting. If I were in your case, I wouldn’t sell the credit to anybody else. First, I didn’t even know you could pass or transfer credits to someone else (unless you were talking about transferring identity and username outside LibertaGia, which doesn’t sound right) and second, for me, I would feel as if I were a dishonest person if I tried to sell something that promised money without being sure myself about it.

      I wish you hadn’t had to purchase anything. But I want to thank you for sharing your experience. I really hope you get your money back. If you do or you don’t, please let us know.

      • Mono Diego Tapia Gallegos

        sure i will let you know all.
        also i would like to let you know that i’ve been waiting for more than 40 days and nothing..!! i have also written to then by ( TICKET CASE) 3 times but even though, no response..!! i have a group of 20 that they wanted to upgrade to platino ( $2999 )and visionary ( $5999) lucky i told my team from the very begging to wait until i get paid! and as i keep waiting my team started to stop believing in libertagia.. and of course my self i have already lost my hope. i really think that i have just lost 2999$ which i’m realy desperate to get my money back!!.
        Also about this bullshit libertagia card never came! and they don’t even answer to my emails!! i just so pissed that i don’t know what to do but in the same timei don’t want them to get away with it. i would like to report them as a scam and fake the totally rip off people.. so DO NOT inverts money on it. they worse is that people still believe in this bullshit website.!! and by the way all my group of 20 people are now stopped doing this residuals bullshit clicks. i think this website will evensually fall very soon!! as i believe many people has stopped trusting this web. so no new people no more money to pay..!! i just hope i’m wrong!! 🙁

  • Maximusbgd Meridius Decimus

    Jesus best regards from SERBIA….i have receive ypu answer..thanks a lot…A firend of mine has receive his first payment from Liberta through bank wire…on 780 euro befora couple of days.This is first payment in Serbia..we hope it would not be the last.We have all started to work in Liberta at the begining of this year.Me personaly at 14.02.2014…next week i will take BOOSTER package finaly-)))…I have not receive residual actovation for may of this year,I have more than 110 members in my team…I hope that Liberta will solve this problem soon-)…here is screnshoot of payment from Libertagia before few days-)))Best regards to all of you.-))

  • Maximusbgd Meridius Decimus

    Jesus thanks a loot…i Have upgrade myself to BOOSTER…before couple of days…now i have 10 daily task each one is 60 sec…and i have 5 $……i have receive my JUNE AND JULY residual activation…May month should be these days…..according to president Rui Salvadors promisse it would be calculate on OLD RULES…
    Kolega Dusane…ovo mi je profil na FB javi se naci ces me lako…pozz……………
    Best regards to all of you-)))

  • dhruba

    What is the payment threshold…and how much month I have to click to get minimum threshold

  • James

    Hello 🙂 I am also member of LibertaGia, now for 2 months. I get this page recommended by my friend which works only on internet. he has more works, bussinessess, etc. he also worked on simplemoneysystem which is something like comp-any working under Pure Leverage. in MLM system. I was searching for some internet work and i found that symplemoneysystem, but i was sceptic and his name was there. I contacted him and asked right questions about all. and i dont wanted to hear sweet talks about how tis awesome. He was really nice person, he didnt said even one word about dreams which was used in tutorial videos. But he said, he is no more in that system and he is disapointed why company let his name stil there. anyway, he told me about his works, and also about Liberta, he told me he works on internet works for years and on liberta almost from begining, also his girlfriend. he invited me in his network on Liberta gia. he and also his girl getting money from liberta monthly. Thats why it makes me interested. yes i was also shocked when it asked for documents. But I am doing it, u have nothing to lose, and u cant upgrade your packet with money earned from company so you will give nothing for try. ITS BETTER TO BE CAREFUL BUT POSITIVE THEN NEGATIVE AND WITHOUT TRYING.

    Anyway LibertaGia looks nice, and much better then most of shitty internet works like for example rmail, which sending things on your email and u get 0.001 cent and in the end you cant get money cuz minimum is 800 euro.

    Its my opinion. I am very sceptic for this kind of work but Liberta makes me want to try it, so i did. now we will see, but say that it suck without trying its stupid I think.

  • Surajeet Sen

    Company Address: Edificio Smart – Rua do Pólo Norte, Nº – Fracción I – Sala A – Parque de las Naciones – 1990-265 Lisboa
    Contact: +351 21 901 03 40 / +351 21 901 03 41 Monday to Friday: 8 h a 12 h – 14 h a 18 h

  • Kamtam Dhananjaya

    hello every one.
    i hav doubt regarding libertigia.
    can i get money of my referels with there permission.
    if yes how can i. because i need some extra money to silver stage so some of my down line are ready to give money for my upgrade level.
    plz… plz…. any one answer my question

  • Kamtam Dhananjaya

    hello every one.

    i hav doubt regarding libertigia.

    can i get money of my referels with there permission.

    if yes how can i. because i need some extra money to silver stage so some of my down line are ready to give money for my upgrade level.

    plz… plz…. any one answer my questio

  • Sprintson Loh

    Do any one get money from libertagia??

  • prateek

    hello jesus. i am a member of libertagia since 2 weeks and i am been working on it but the amount which i get after working is not displayed on my main balance…/?
    plz help it if u can,

  • rajesh

    Hii Jesus
    Can I withdraw money am bronze member

    • Hi, Rajesh. In theory, yes. You are supposed to be able to withdraw money as a Bronze member (earnings may vary). I say supposedly because that’s what LibertaGia says, but I personally cannot attest this. I want to remind you that I’m a fellow trying out LibertaGia, I’m not a LibertaGia employee or representative. 🙂

    • Hi, Rajesh. Yes, you are supposed to be able to withdraw money as a Bronze member (earnings may vary). I say supposedly because that’s what LibertaGia says, but I can’t attest this. I remind you that I’m a fellow trying out LibertaGia. I’m not a LibertaGia employee or representative 🙂

  • foctionss

    hello, I had offered ASAP mastercard {libertagia} at 2014 12 18 and i wondering how long time it takes to deliver in Lithuanian? , the money is paid, and i would like to be sure is everything is okay,?

    Sorry for english 🙂

    • Prakashsinghbamal

      Foctionss i request you to provide details and all the things,timeline till u withdraw cash . u can help us to build up confidence about libertagia..
      How and when you get card.
      When you request for withdraw money to card
      When money comes to card
      Is card woking at ur local mastercard atm
      Pls comment here and help us

  • kumar

    this people are making fake promises,(bronze plan)initially they said after 60 dollars you can withdraw your amount,after few days they said,a minimum of 300 dollars,again after few days they are saying from 300 dollars,150dollars will be in available balance and another 150 in main balance,we cannot withdraw with 150 dollars,again we have to do tasks for 5months,totally 10 months who will wait man up to 10 months it’s waste of time and waste of internet,after doing 10 months there is no clarity about our money so simply leave ittttttttttt and be happy!!

  • shoaib

    i am doing the task in Libertagia since a week in fact i have got my first 15 dollars in my balance but now i am having some trouble when i do my task then after my 11 task it does not go further away it show the last fourth task doing when i click on the code and when i complete the task it again said click here to do task on the same task i cleared the cache but it still give this trouble please help me my time is going to wasted plz help……………………

    • karthik

      refresh the page then u will redirect to your next task .thats not a big deal .is any people got the money from this site?

  • hadiqa

    first of all I am hoping that u may reply…………… I have gone thru whole article and I am agreed to ur opinion but what should be done…….

  • daniel

    Hi Jesus, did you finally got to withdraw money form libertagia?

  • Radha Lokesh

    Did u earn any real money so far?

  • Alexis Rosas

    Shxt is a scam, I had a lot of plans with that income, wasted my time, and a few bucks, I guees its to early for a normal person to make money online.

  • jiya batool

    please help me about withdraw from libertagia when i am go to withdraw page where asap card option is available but i have not ASAP card please inform me withdraw from bank please tell me

  • bindu bindu

    HI..I have done tasks for almost 4 months and I am sure that it went nearly 300 $. but till now I wasn’t able to see the balance that I earned. only some of the weeks tasks are updated. but all the others are not done yet. Now I want to stop doing tasks(already stopped doing tasks before 3 months). so i want all my money that i worked for. how can i know how much i have earned?(as it is not at all updated since 3 months). and how can i get all my money? please help me..

  • mastani

    libertagia page is not opening since 5 days ago.
    please respond.
    it has been a big problem for us.
    please solve the problem urgently]

  • Aisha Ramzan

    frndz i have 500$ in libertagia available .but i don,t know how widdra it

  • Aisha Ramzan

    anybody help me plz.

  • Haseena Naaz

    I have worked on this site for one and half year but did not get any
    payment. They only show money in your account balance to cheat users.
    They dont pay a single penny. Rather they have devised means to get
    money from the users. They take money from users in the name of
    upgradations , they force users to purchase kits. They take money for
    their ATM Card, which they dont give anyone. I Paid 30Dollars with my
    Credir Card for getting their so called ATM Card but they did not even
    issued me this card . They also take money for activation of accounts
    and much more