Postcards from Yangshuo

Postcards from Yangshuo

Yangshuo is a small town in the southern province of Guangxi, China. It is a popular destination for many tourists because of the natural landscapes formed by karsts, mountains, and the Li River. I went there during the last Spring Festival (February 2013). Here I share with you a few Yangshuo pictures of what you can see during a cloudy day and at night. Click on each picture to enlarge.

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Yangshuo is bordered by the Li River. In this picture above you can see the river during a cloudy evening.


The Li River is surrounded by karsts.


One of the popular things to do in Yangshuo is taking a boat tour. As you can see in the picture above, there are many boats that can take people through the karsts.


Here is a zoom of the bamboo boats that take you through the river.


If you look for a quiet and peaceful moment in Yangshuo, the best time is early morning as you can see in this picture above.


Near the pedestrian street you can see the scene of the picture above.


I should say that Yangshuo is a great place for those who like photography.


In this picture above you can have a perspective of one of the karsts next to some of the homes along the river.


Yangshuo at night offers a colorful scenery along the river.


Even some of the karsts are illuminated.


This is a complex building with several apartments next to the river.


Here you can see a hotel and restaurant at night.


Karsts illuminated at night.


On my way to the less commercialized area I found this opportunity.

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So this is it. If you had to choose one of these pictures to send on a postcard, which one would you choose? You can let me know down in the comments section.

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