Twin Peaks in Shuangta Shan


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Shuangta Shan is a small hill featuring two rock formations. They are about 30 m (98 ft) and 40 m (131 ft) respectively. On the top of each of these two peaks there is a tower. The Chinese official history says that they were build more than 900 years ago during the Liao Dynasty*, but a sign near the entrance says that they were built more than 1300 years ago. These two peaks and towers are located in Shuangluan, a small population in the jurisdiction of Chengde, Hebei.

The distance from Beijing to Shuangluan is about 220 km (136 mi) towards the northeast. I will post more pictures of  Shuangta Shan and directions to get there in the future.

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*Source: “Shuangta Shan”. Chengde Shuangluan People’s Government of Hebei Official Website. Accessed on October 25, 2012 (Chinese).