A Journey to the Past

It has been there for at leas 1700 years. Today it has been absorbed by Shanghai’s borders. Nevertheless, it still has its picturesque style and remote and ancient villa feeling. It is call Zhujiajiao. Don’t ask me to pronounce it, see my pictures instead.

I was there more than a month ago, but by looking at the pictures I took, I felt as traveling through time once more. Zhujiajiao main streets are rivers that can be navigated on small boats, just as it is the case with Venice, Italy or Xochimilco, Mexico. Their homes are mostly painted in white. The walking streets are so narrow that four people, one next to each other, could hardly walk there. From her old bridges and streets, through the windows of several houses, you can notice people eating and talking calmly with no rushing agendas.

Within this scenario it is also evident to see frenetic visitors full of enthusiasm trying to get a tour in the boats, buy or try everything. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take that much of effort to walk into a hidden street and find oneself in the middle of a serene and quiet place listening to the old and historic walls.

If there is anyone who would like to come and leave his or her busy agenda, or simply run away from his or her overwhelming duties, I will be waiting here for him or her. He or she may find me in one of those ancient bridges watching the boatmen taking people around in the river. Or maybe he or she may find me behind one of those wooden windows sitting while eating. And then with a smile I may invite him or her to share the table with me in a short journey to the past.

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